Passionate Policy

In-depth Democratic Socialist policy for Canada

Hey folks! My name is George K., and I'm an amateur enthusiast for making peoples' lives less shitty.

High-level policies and plans are surprisingly easy to design - corrupting factors are a much bigger problem than difficulty. Still, it takes a decent bit of work and research to understand some of the minutiae of the Federal Budget, the law of the land, or whatever else. I've decided to create a set of documents that outline my vision of a brighter, greener, democratic socialist future for Canada. These can mostly be found in the "Policy Documents Collection", with the crown jewel being the "Socialist Federal Budget Project". The "Tools" page features a number of tools, created by myself and by others, which enable anyone to see the effects of certain policy levers. I also hope to provide some "edutainment"-style content targeted at school-age youth on that page in the future. The "Collected Musings" and "About" pages are both basically places for me to chuck miscellaneous information or content about myself. Hopefully you find this a useful resource!

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